All of the policies listed below are available upon request from the school. Those which can be downloaded are highlighted in blue.

Acceptable Use of Mobile Phone Policy

Admissions Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Assessment Policy

Behaviour, Rewards & Sanctions Policy with Code of Conduct

Careers Policy

Charities Policy

Computer, Network & Internet Access Policy

Controlled Assessment Policy

Controlled Assessment Policy Appendix

Curriculum Policy

Cyber-bullying Policy & Anti-bullying Code

Data Protection Policy

Drugs & Substance Abuse Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Educational Visits Policy

English as an Additional Language

Equal Opportunities Policy

Examination Policy

Exclusions Policy

Fire Safety Policy

First Aid with Medicine Policy

Gifted & Talented Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Homework Policy

Induction Policy

Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers Policy

Intimate Care Policy

KHS Colours Policy

Library Policy

Looked After Children Policy (LAC)

Marking Policy

Missing Pupil Policy

Parental Concerns Policy & Complaints Procedure

Pastoral Policy

Physical Restraint & Contact Policy

Professional Standards of Conduct

Pupil Complaints Procedure

Safeguarding Children Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy


Sex & Relationship Policy

No Smoking Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy

Stress Management

Supervision of Pupils Policy

Supervision of Pupils for EYFS Policy

Teaching & Learning Policy

Transport Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Work Experience Policy